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Are you looking for the BEST Amala Spots in Lagos? If yes then you are at the right place. I am going to share with you my experience with some of the best Amala Spots in Nigeria.

Amala is a popular Nigerian food that comes from Yoruba land. It is a mixture of dried yam, rice, and fish. The taste of this dish is very unique and it has been loved by many people since time immemorial.

Best Amala Spots in Lagos

Best Amala Spots in Lagos. Nigeria is blessed with lots of delicious foods and Amala is one of them. If you’ve ever eaten Amala with gbegere and assorted goat meat (ogufe) from southwest Nigeria, then you know how good it is.

It’s difficult to argue with this statement because Amala ranks high when compared to other Nigerian delicacies. Every tribe has its delicacies but the favorite delicacy from southwestern Nigeria is Amala.

Amala is made from yam flour which is a product of yam tuber. It seems like Amala is becoming more than just a Yoruba delicacy. If you’re looking for top places in Lagos, we’ve got your back. I feel sorry for you if I don’t like Amala because I have no idea what kind of happiness it offers.

It’s like winning the lottery, marrying your long-time dream girl, having your first kid, and living happily ever after all at once! You can only understand if you taste it yourself. Amala is without a doubt one of Nigeria’s most popular meals. Amala is best when it is soft, sweet, fluffy, and lump-free.

We shouldn’t spend our money on rubbish amala. Eating Amala instantly brings back pleasant memories of your childhood. You can use Amala for a complete meal. You must try the most delicious Amala you can find Check out this post for the best restaurants in Lagos. Yoruba cuisine is well known around the world. There are many Amala restaurants in Lagos serving this delicious food. 

1. White House Yaba

White House is one of the most popular Amala spots in Lagos. Located near Yaba’s commercial hub, the White House has an unassuming appearance but is larger than it seems. They serve a wide variety of staples, but I went there just for the Amala.

Unfortunately, the Amalas aren’t distinctive. It was not helped by the fact that both the stew and soups tasted average. It wasn’t enough to satisfy an Amala craving but it was good enough to be called an experience on its own The portions were generous, but the goat meat was surprisingly soft.

2. Amala Yahoo Spot

Let me say, ‘welcome to wonderland’. The amala, accompanied by ‘abula'(gbegiri and ewedu) will hit the spot when it journeys down the throat. Located at Victoria street, Mechanic Village, Ogudu-Ojota.

Amala Yahoo is the real deal legit. It has the classic Amala spot vibe from the low ceiling to the cramped interior and plastic chairs. The crowd made it a bit difficult to get food, but it was worth the struggle in the end.

The food was terrific, the portion size was alright, and the goat meat was very soft. The general Ojota atmosphere also added to the experience. Parking might be a problem, and by all indications, it will always be full so prepare for that because Amala Yahoo is worth it.

3. Amala Shitta

Do you live or work in Surulele? Then you should try out the mouth-watering amala, ewedi, gegegiri, and stew at this restaurant.

This one is ranked highly by many customers, and when you see it named after an entire local region, you know you’re in for good service. Their Amala is really good and you should try some. This restaurant is located at 26 Rabiatu Thompson Crescent, Shitta, Surulere. There are so many options for eating Amala in Lagos; don’t miss out on any of them.

4. Olaiya Surulere Lagos

If you’ve lived long enough in Lagos, then you must have heard of Surulere’s popular Olaiya bukka. Known for its hot and delicious amala piping, this Amala spot has found its way into many people’s hearts.

The key to the Olaiya restaurant’s success has been handed down from one generation to another. The customers seem to love this particular Amala spot so much.

They’ve been doing well for so long because they keep making and serving the customers their fantastic hot amala with ewedu plus gbegiri recipes and loads of soft chunky kpomo.

There is also a Lagos branch, but many people will argue that Surulere is where the ‘true Olaiya experience‘ is found.

It is close to the Amala Shitta, but it’s a newer generation. Both Amala spots are usually very competitive because of the rivalry. People go there because they want to enjoy the unique ambiance, the cool air, and the extra comfort of the AC.

5. Canada Restaurant

One plate of amala here confirms how sumptuous the meal is. Located at 70 Cemetery Street, Ebute Metta

6. Belgium Restaurant

One-stop-shop for the best amala. Located at Parliament road, Jakande Estate, Mike 2, Amuwo Odofin.

7. Iya Amala

This stew and gbégiri that is served at this restaurant have a special taste, undoubtedly, there is a secret recipe involved. Located at the Police College, Oba Akinjobi Street, Ikeja.

8. Iya Eba Onikan

Iya Eba is one of the oldest joints. It is very easy to find it in Google Maps, but parking space might be an issue during peak hours.

To be honest, the Amala was really good.

The Gbegiri and Ewedu were prepared very well, but the stew had that little extra spice that made it taste even better. There was no goat meat, but I tried the Pomo, Shaki, and Inu-Eran. To soften the meats before cooking them, they let them sit in the stew for some time.

The service was very nice, but it’s cash only on weekends.

9. Defence Car Park Canteen Marina Lagos

Marina is home to people who work white-collar jobs, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, etc. Another top amala restaurant in Lagos you should check out is this one.

These people don’t care about their corporate status when they come to this Amala restaurant. Everyone is always rushing to come to experience the superb taste at Amala First Bank, which is the nickname it is widely known as.

When you go to this canteen, remember to take off your jacket so you won’t sweat too much. They’re always ready to fulfill your order so that you can get back to work before your break is over.

10. Amala Phase Lagos Island Lagos

Amala Phase 1, which is located on Lagos Island, is one of the best Amala restaurants in Nigeria. It has been satisfying and making its customers happy for more than 30 years. It’s not a joke for a restaurant to have 30 years of experience!

Many people have testified to the delicious taste experience they enjoy when visiting this restaurant. They offer a wide range of indigenous soups and various meats and fish to accompany your meal. It’s been called addictive, so it’s made it to our list of top amalas in Nigeria.

11. CocaCola Marina

When you see someone rolling their sleeves up, just know it means they’re about to get down to business. If you work on Broad Street Lagos Island, you’ve probably been here.

They serve Nigerian dishes you’d normally find at a bukka ( Nigerian restaurant) but their Amala is really good. If you have a business meeting or interview in Marina Bay, visit the bukka after you’re done for some relaxation.

12. Amoke Oge Food Canteen

When you visit this place, two things are certain: one, you will leave satisfied, and two, you will be full. Just a plate of their amala combo will fill you up and is also very affordable.

Located at 1 Bawala St, Pedro, Lagos.

13. Yellow Chilli Victoria Island

Not every day bukka, sometimes a posh restaurant.

If you want to impress someone by taking them out for an amala meal, Yellow Chilli is where you should go.


What is Amala?

Amala is made from Yam flour which is a product of yam tuber.

What is the best Amala?

The best Amala depends on its quality and appearance. It should be soft, sweet, fluffy, and lump-free.

What is the experience of Amala Phase 1?

30 years of experience is not a joke!

What is the best amala in Lagos?

Amala Shitta offers amala almost every day!

What is the cheapest Amala in Lagos?

The Amala, which is N100 per portion, should be enough.

What’s the price of the roundabout?

The less expensive meats, like beef, shaki, ponmo, and roundabout, will set you back about N100 for a piece.

What is the White House?

White House is arguably among the most popular Amala restaurants in Lagos.


Amala is the national food of Nigeria, and no matter how many other foods we eat, we cannot do without this delicacy. The best thing about eating Amala is that it makes you feel better after eating. So if you love yourself, why not treat yourself to one of these excellent Amala restaurants in Lagos.


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