10 Cheapest African Countries to travel to from Nigeria in 2022


Most people believe that travelling in Africa is inexpensive. This is because most African countries are poor and lack tourism infrastructure. In fact, some of these countries are more expensive than Europe or North America.

This isn’t to say if you do few things the local way, like buses and food, you should travel cheaply in Africa. Just that if you want to experience some of the activities that are more geared toward tourists – like lodge, safari or adrenaline sports (which we admit most of us do), this can really send your wallet soaring. But don’t worry! As you know, I’m passionate about African travel. Here is the list of inexpensive countries to travel in Africa.


Tunisia is a country that attracts many tourists because it is very cheap. However, there are problems in this country. There was an uprising in 2011, and it caused tourism to decline.

Tunisia is a beautiful country with stunning scenery, great beaches and friendly people. Travelers can enjoy cheap airfare, boat trips to Sicily in Italy, and affordable accommodation.

Food is cheap too, at about £1-3/US$2-4 per person. Visiting the historical sights in Tunisia is cheap. You can get a bus tour for six euros or less.

There are also many cheap hotels in Tunis.

Tour guides are expensive. You should try to avoid them if you can. Instead, go to places that offer free tours or ask locals about things to do. There are many things to see and do in Tunisia, but there are also many ways to spend your money.


Egypt is one of the most affordable places to travel in Africa. Private rooms in hostels and guesthouses can be found for as little as £5 / $6 USD. Long distance trains are only £10 / $12 USD in first class.

There are many things to see in Egypt. You should go to the pyramids. It costs just five pounds.

Egypt is one of the most affordable destinations in Africa. You don’t need to book tours or guides to see sights, and some places are included in the ticket price (Abu Simbel).

Sometimes, as in the case with Abu Simbel, they’re even included in the ticket. If you do want to take day trips, it’s good to know that you can get them for less than £13/£15USD.

I also booked a great deal on a Nile cruise and dived the Red Sea for less than £20/$23USD.I’m surprised you say this because I thought Egypt was expensive!


Kenya is a great place to visit because of its diverse nature. There are many interesting things to see and do in the country. You can hike up Mt Kilimanjaro or explore the Maasai Mara.

There are also many national parks you can visit.3 days/2 nights safari trips to some big name parks can be done for around £350/$410 USD and this includes meals, safari drives, guide, entrance and accommodation – usually of the budget camping type! If you’re not camping in Kenya, cause you’re based in cities or towns, dorm beds in this country costs around £8/$10 USD a night, a bargain, especially at coastal areas like Diani.

You can eat locally prepared food on the street for around £10-15 per day if you’re doing it cheaply. Local buses and boats are even cheaper than this.

Don’t forget budget flights can also been booked in Kenya – as an example, you could get flights between Nairobi and Mombasa for just over £35/US$45.

Tuk-tuks or motorcycle taxis (called boda bodas) will take you everywhere in small cities or towns for a few Kenyan shillins.

Kenya is certainly one of the most affordable countries in Africa. A shoestring traveller can easily spend less than US$50 per day in order to enjoy the country. Activities include visiting the national parks, going on a game drive, and enjoying the beaches.


Just like in  Kenya, there are more than 200 different species of mammals. There are over 500 species of birds, and over 1,000 species of reptiles and amphibians. There are about 11 million acres of protected land. Cheap safaris are available in Uganda.

You can book safaris from Kampala or Jinja. Self drive safaris are also possible.

This town is set on the river Nile, and it is located at the start of half of the river Nile. There are many activities available, including rafting, horse back riding, and quad biking. Prices range from £35/$40 per hour to £110/$140 per day.

.A Tourist must be very careful when travelling in Africa. He/she should take care of his/her health and safety. A Tourist needs to be active. He/she may want to go into the jungle or other natural places. There are many dangers in these areas. A shoestring traveler should stay away from dangerous areas such as the African bush.

South Africa

South Africa is a great place to backpack or travel alone. There are lots of cheap hotels and hostels. You can do everything here. A cheap place to stay in Cape Town is a dorm bed in a hostel or guesthouse for about £10 / $13 USD. Explore the city on your own, and use services like Uber for rides.

Buy groceries in supermarkets and cook them yourself, and you’ll be able to eat on a food budget of about £15 / $20USD per day. I’ve been to South Africa before, but never stayed there long enough to see Kruger National Park. You can drive around the park by yourself if you want to save money.


Namibia is an awesome place to explore. You can drive around the country and see its most famous sights. There are lots of campsites along the way, and you can stay overnight if you want to save money. Return flights from Nigeria are very cheap, and you can even get them for as low as $300.


Ethiopia is a beautiful land filled with amazing sights. There are many great places to eat and stay. Vegan travellers love this country because there is not much meat or dairy found here. Traditional dishes are meat and dairy free. They are packed with flavour and substance.

Stay in the Simen Mountains, visit the Danakiel Depression, explore Ethiopia’s ancient capital Gondar, see Lalibela, hang out with the country’s famous Gelada monkeys, and enjoy money saving tips.

You should book your tours on the ground because you can save money by doing this. Read more tips about how to save money for travel.


Seychelles is a beautiful island nation off the coast of Africa. It is known for its friendly people, warm climate and stunning beaches. It is also known for its wildlife. Visitors from Nigeria can stay there for up to ninety days without needing any visa or passport. This is a great opportunity for Nigerians who want to explore this beautiful part of the world.


Malawi is a beautiful country but sadly its economy isn’t doing well. In Malawi, local food and buses can be purchased for next to nothing. Accommodation costs are some of the cheapest.

The lake provides a great opportunity for diving. Hiking is available in the mountains surrounding the lake.

Malawians are friendly people who love to party.

The country is known for its cheap prices and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll spend most of your time sightseeing and visiting attractions.


Rwanda’s rich culture and incredible wildlife make it an interesting place to visit. Kigali is one of the cheapest African destinations to visit.

  • Avoid fancy restaurants, eat local food or cook your own food.
  • You can live on less than R300 per day.
  • Public transport is an affordable option.
  • Gorilla Trekking is possible at Volcanoes National Park.”

Do I need a Travel VISA to get into these Countries?

Most of them don’t require visa to travel we have a content that explains in details all there is for a free visa Africa country travels in 2022
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