21+ Cheapest Countries to Travel to from Nigeria in 2022

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Are you looking for cheap countries to travel to from Nigeria? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. This article lists the cheapest countries to visit from Nigeria.

Nigeria is located in West Africa and has over 160 million inhabitants. The country is divided into 36 states and 774 local government areas.

There are several reasons why Nigerians choose to travel abroad. Some want to explore new cultures and experience other lifestyles. Others want to study or work overseas. There are also those who simply want to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.

Which of these reasons, 247travels has the list of Cheapest Countries to travel from in Nigeria. 

Some questions like Which country has the cheapest flight ticket from Nigeria? will also be properly covered. 

We also handled, Cheapest countries Nigerians can visit for Tourism. Cheap Countries Nigerians can visit in the Europe and in Africa. 

Let’s dive in.

Cheapest countries Nigerians can visit for Tourism

Visiting another country is always exciting, but it’s also expensive. There are many countries in Africa that don’t require visas or are cheap. Don’t feel sad because these African countries are beautiful. You would definitely get value for money during your trip.


Kenya is a great place to visit because there are many different kinds of animals. You can see them in their real nature. There are also many parks and reserves where you can see them roaming freely.
Animals like buffalos, crocodiles and giraffes. lions, elephants, baboon and hyena can even be seen in Nairobi National Park.


Comoros is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. It’s a volcano-island with lots of beaches. There are many things to do here including swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, sightseeing, etc. You can go there on your vacation with friends and family.


Mauritius is a beautiful island with lots of waterfalls, rainforest, mountains, and natural beauty. You can get a 14-day visa on arrival if you’re visiting Mauritius. Go there during the rainy season (September to October) to avoid the crowds.


Seychelles is a tropical island nation located in the Indian Ocean. It was named after the French explorer Jean-Baptiste de la Caille who explored the island in 1669. It is also known as the Island of Love. This country is blessed with an ancient culture, wildlife, and nature. Seychelles is also home to many resorts.

Cape Verde

There are many different types of marine life found in Cape Verde. Some of them do not exist anywhere else on Earth. Most people who visit Cape Verde love the cuisine, the beautiful scenery, and the great music. Visitors also enjoy walking up the Pico mountain. Make sure you pack your swimsuit! No visa required. You should consider visiting Cape Verde if you want to experience some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.


Maldives are a country located in the Indian Ocean. Maldivians love relaxing and enjoying themselves. They think that life should be enjoyed as much as possible. For this reason, Maldives is considered to be an ideal vacation destination. Nigerians visiting Maldives can enjoy many activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, boating, and beach combing. These sounds too good for a vacation.


Dubai is the first visa-required country on our list. It is a very popular tourism destination for Nigerians. Visitors to UAE can explore the Burj Khalifa, the 160-story building, the Dubai fountain, the underwater aquarium, or even the capital city of Abu Dhabi.

For more information about Abu Dhabi, please read why Abu Dhabi deserves more than a stop over. The good news is there are many different types of visas available, including the 48 hour visa, 96 hour visa, 14 day visa, 30 day visa and 90 day visa. You can apply for any of them and still enjoy your tour around Dubai and UAE as a complete package. 247 Travels has the best travel plan for your Dubai vacation.  

These Countries are considered to be  affordable countries to visit for vacations and relaxations. We at 247 Travels has a package for you to travel to these countries with your hotel,, feeding cost, and vacation fares well covered.

Also, you can decide to migrate to these countries listed above.  They are very nice for relaxation, but may be not to make money and raise a family. Hence, we have list of European Countries Nigerian can migrate to with less money.

Cheapest Countries Nigerians can travel to for Living

 Looking for an affordable migration? There are tons of budget-friendly European destinations, which can be made into unforgettable memories and also raise a family. Travelers rave about these places for their memorable experiences, culture and food. So, if you’re looking for the best way save money, here are some of the cheapest European destinations you’ll want to add to your bucket list.


Spain is an amazing place to travel. There are many cheap places to stay in Spain. Seville is a great option because it is less crowded than other cities. Valencia is also a great city to visit. Both cities offer beautiful architecture, good job opportunities, great people and delicious dishes, .


Romanian people love castles and Dracula. Dracula’s castle is located in Transylvania, and it is also known as Dracula’s Castle because he used to live there. In Romania, you can see many beautiful castles. One of them is Peleș Castle, which is located in Sinaia. It was built in the 19th century, and now it is a museum.

Romania is an inexpensive destination in Europe. You can travel around Romania cheaply by trains or buses. There are plenty of things to see in Romania, such as the old city of Bucharest, Dracula’s castle, and other famous buildings.

You can also take free walking tours in Bucharest. In most cases, it doesn’t pay to shop at supermarkets in Romania because shopping at local markets is cheaper and the meals are hearty.

Sarmale (cabbage roll), cozonac (cheese cake), and mamaliga (cornmeal porridge) are cheap, and sold at street food stalls.


Montenegro is a tiny but beautiful country in the Adriatic Sea. It was formed in 2006 after Yugoslavia broke apart into seven separate countries. This is one of them. Expect to pay very low prices for your food here. You can buy delicious meat-filled pies called burek.

Anything else will cost more. Farmers’ markets are held every weekend, and you can get some really tasty snacks there.

Summer time is considered as the most popular period for tourism in Montenegro. Tourists come mostly from Russia who don’t need visas to enter. People coming to Montenegro during this season prefer visiting cities like Budva and Herceg Novi.

But if you want to see more natural beauty, better go to Montenegrin interior. There are many beautiful places there such as Lake Crno Jezero and national park Plitvice Lakes.

Ada Bojana is a small island off the coast of Montenegro. It is a prime destination for surfing and a beautiful place to spend your summers. Accommodations include top rated beach resorts in Montenegro.



Portugal’s most attractive destinations include the Faro district, the southern coast, and the island of Madeira. Soft golden sand beaches, rocky cliffs, and light housed make these areas appealing. Visitors to Madeira hike the volcanic trails, enjoy the great scuba diving, and see the harbor.

Food and accommodation are the main expenses when traveling to Portugal, especially during the off-season months of June to August. Prices drop by as much as 50% from November to February.

Portugal is a country with many beautiful places to visit. Some of them are free to visit, while others require transport. The oldest city in the world, Evora was built during Roman times. There are also castles and monasteries in the country. In addition, there are some hotels that offer accommodation for tourists.


Ireland is a cheap country to fly into. Cheap flights from Ryanair and Air Lingus land in Dublin. You can spend several days exploring Dublin before heading elsewhere. When you’re ready, head out to other cities such as Galway, Cork, and Killarney.


Avoid traveling to Poland in July and August because of high costs. Shoulder seasons are better options. There are many sights that are open for free or cheaper than usual.

Museums in Warsaw offer free entry on Wednesdays. Buses are inexpensive in Poland. You can travel long distances by bus for very little money, and you’ll be able to use Wi-Fi on board.


Bulgaria is an affordable destination for travelers. Cheap hotels, cheap flights, and cheap entertainment make traveling here cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. During the off-season, you can enjoy skiing, eating, and traveling around the country for less money than you’d spend in other places.

The Central Balkan National Park is the top destination for those looking to hike and see beautiful scenery. There are plenty of free activities available in this park including hiking, biking, and swimming. Sofia is the main city in Bulgaria and is the most popular place to stay. Many hotels offer free shuttle services to nearby destinations.

Czech Republic

In the coldest months, prices are cheaper in the Czech Republic. You should avoid traveling during the summer months, when temperatures are higher and crowds are bigger. Prague’s main attractions are included in most paid tours.

Free tours include walking along the Charles Bridge, visiting the Astronomical Clock, exploring the cobblestone streets, and walking the cobbled streets of Old Town Square.

Cheap accommodation is available at most locations throughout the Czech Republic. High season prices are usually higher than low season prices. These cities have many cheap accommodations when booked in advance.


Slovenia is a small country surrounded by bigger countries. Most people come here for the coastline. There are many affordable beaches along the coast, and they’re all open to everyone. The summer season means higher prices, but the beaches are still very affordable.

The mountains around the coast make it possible to enjoy the sea without spending too much money.

There are many beautiful lakes around Slovenia. Lake Bled is located near the capital city. You can see the castle and church there. It is a very popular tourist spot.


Hungary is one of the more expensive countries in eastern Europe. But it’s also a great place to travel. You can walk over the chain bridge and explore the castle hill area. There are free museums and tours available. The city sponsors an event called Night of the Museums where you can see many of the sights for free. A great place to shop for souvenirs and inexpensive meals.

Budapest’s old market hall is filled with delicious street food. In other parts of Hungary, you’ll find cheaper versions of these dishes. Lake visitors will enjoy the low prices while enjoying the scenery. Those traveling to the mountains can save big bucks by eating outdoors.

Hungary is one of the best Study Abroad Destinations in the Europe.


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