Travelling with kids can be one of life’s richest experiences, but anyone who has embarked on a long journey with young companions certainly knows that it is not for the weak. Yet, with a bit of preparation and creativity, you can transform travel time into an enjoyable part of the adventure.

Here are five fascinating ways to keep your little ones delighted and happy on the go.

1. Travel-themed Activity Packs

Before you set off, put together activity packs with a twist- colouring books, stickers, and travel-themed worksheets. For a more special touch, add a map where they can track the journey, puzzles and games.

Real-Life Magic: On a flight to Kenya, a parent cleverly included Swahili language and culture worksheets in her children’s activity packs. By the time they landed, the kids were excited to say hello in Hwahili to everyone they met, counting 1 to 10 all the way to their hotel room.

2. Craft corner

Pack a small craft kit with items like pipe cleaners, beads, and other DIY craft resources. Crafting can also be a calming activity for kids who might feel anxious about travelling. You do not need to worry about the space to pack them in as these materials take much less space and can keep little hands busy.

Craft creations: On a transatlantic flight, a parent challenged their kids to create the best aeroplane model out of pipe cleaners. The flight attendants were so impressed, they awarded the winners extra snacks.

3. Digital Safari

In the era of smartphones and tablets, screen time can be educational and engaging if used wisely. Load devices with documentaries about African wildlife, interactive maps of your destination, and apps that teach about the continent’s rich history and diverse cultures (especially if travelling to a region for the first time).

Tech Explorer: For a family heading to an African destination, parents downloaded a virtual safari app. The children were excited to identify animals they might see, turning screen time into an interactive learning experience.

4. Storytime sessions

Bringing along a selection of books, both new reads and old favourites, is a sure tip for turning a long flight into a fun time. For added fun, you can create a travel-themed story where your child is the main character exploring your destination. You can even take turns crafting the next chapter of the story.

Storytime: A mother on a trip to Canada with her two children read Let’s Explore Canada with them, describing from the tall mountains to the major cities and resources. And voila! Their mini book club began on that flight.

5. Listening to Melodies and Rhythm

Music can be a window into the soul of a place and a joyful way to introduce children to the world’s rhythms. Create a family travel playlist with everyone’s favourite songs. For a more educational twist, download child-friendly podcasts or audiobooks. Not only are they entertaining, but they can also be a great learning tool.

Musical heights: On a family trip, the kids heard their parents’ favourite jazz playlist which put them to sleep and it became therapeutic on subsequent flights.

Travelling with kids presents a unique opportunity to explore the world through their eyes. With these creative ideas, you can turn the dreaded long journey into an integral and enjoyable part of your family adventure. Happy travels!

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