25 Free visa African Countries for Nigeria & Their Expiry Dates in 2022


Are you looking for free visa to Africa? If yes then you are at the right place. I am going to share some information about free visa to African countries.

The World Bank has estimated that Nigeria is home to over 200 million people, and is the largest economy in West Africa. Over half of Nigerians live below the poverty line.

Most of us dream of traveling abroad, but it can be expensive. There are ways around this though. For example, you can get a visa waiver from certain countries for free or even for less than $50 USD.

Visas are required by most countries to enter them. You must apply for a visa before traveling. You may be denied entry if you do not have a valid visa. Traveling without a passport is illegal. You can still travel without a passport but you’ll have to show proof of citizenship.

There are some countries you can travel to without a passport. You can go to Turkey, the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus and Ukraine without a valid passport. Also, don’t forget that the list of visa-free countries varies depending on the type of passport you hold.

What is Visa- Free Travel? How does it work?

You can travel visa-free to many countries by buying a plane ticket. If you hold an EU passport, you can travel to most of Europe without a visa.

Traveling without a passport is called visa-less travel. You don’t have to apply for a visa when traveling to any country that doesn’t require visas. You don’t need an ID card, or anything else.

Just buy a ticket and pack up your bags. The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and Ukraine allow citizens of certain countries to travel without a passport.

Also, don’t forget that the list of countries you can visit without a passport varies according to the type of passport you have! We’re not talking about countries where you can get special privileges if you hold certain types of passports. Instead, we’ll list the countries where you can travel without a visa if you hold a normal passport.

What is the value of the Nigeria Passport in VISA Free Access?

Nigerians get a bad deal when it comes to visas. A Nigerian passport holder has access to just 54 destinations visa-fee free. That’s a modest 23.8% of the 227 countries and territories worldwide. But the reality of those countries is even worse. Nigeria has access to just 2.1 percent of the world’s GDP, and 3.1 percent of the global tourism market.

It’s one of the lowest ranking passports among many of its West African neighbours, with Ghana at 73, Cameroon at 61 and Cote d’Ivoire at 67. Nigeria’s visa-free list mainly consists of other African countries and does not include destinations such as Europe, USA, China, or the UK.

The main reason for this is that Nigeria’s government has been cracking down on illegal immigrants. The country also has a no-visa policy for most visitors from outside Africa.

However, there are exceptions to these rules. 

List of Visa – Free Countries Africa & the World

BarbadosNorth AmericaNot sure
Burkina FasoAfricaup to 90 days
Cape VerdeAfrica90 Days
ChadAfrica3 Month
Cook IslandsOceania 
Cote d’IvoireAfrica up to 90 days
DominicaEurope21 Days
FijiAsiaNot Sure
GambiaAfrica28 days
GhanaAfrica up to 90 days
GuineaAfricaup tto 30 Days 
Guinea – BissauAfrica up to 90 days
HaitiNorth America3 Month
LiberiaAfrica up to 90 days
MaliAfrica up to 90 days
NigerAfrica up to 90 days
SenegalAfrica30 days
Sierra LeoneAfrica up to 90 days
TogoAfrica up to 90 days
VanuatuOceaniaNot sure

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How do you rank the Nigerian passport?

The Nigerian passport currently ranks on the 95th place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index.

 What is the visa-free travel policy for Nigeria?

Still, Niger citizens have visa-free access to 21 countries and can get an eVisa to 20 countries and can apply for a visa on arrival in 24 countries.

What is the passport requirement?

Some countries may require your passport to be valid for three months before entering the country, while other countries have a 6-month requirement.

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