How to Book a Flight Ticket Online in Nigeria

How to Book a Flight Ticket Online in Nigeria
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Booking flight tickets online in Nigeria might sound so simple to any student, but can be daunting to most first-timers. That’s why 247Travels will streamline the online booking process in this article and make it super easy to plan your next trip.

Flight booking used to be done in person at the approved airline’s office, but technological advancements have enabled it to be done virtually anywhere. Airlines increasingly offer easy-to-use online booking sites.

We’ll teach you how to book a flight ticket in Nigeria online, as well as other vital details about buying a flight ticket in Nigeria. The online approach is quick, easy, and safe.

Let’s get started.

How to Book a Flight Ticket Online in Nigeria

Flight booking is very easy if you use an online portal. You can buy tickets without leaving your house. Online portals make it easier for customers to book flights.

There are many airlines that offer online services. If you want to fly anywhere in the world at a cheaper price, you should check out

When booking flights online, there are several payment options available including debit cards, quickteller, pega, etc. You can also print your booking slip and take it to the bank for payment.

In Nigeria, there are different airlines that operate domestic and international flights. To book an online flight, you should know how to do it correctly.

First things first, to book flights online, you will require some basic information about the destination you’re traveling to and information such as the date you’d like to travel to your destination and return home.

You’ll also need all of your private details that will appear on the flight ticket. To speed things up, it’s a good idea to have these details ready before you book.

Flight details – dates (one-way or return), an airline, airports flying to, and the number of passengers.

You should always include your personal information on your flight ticket and know how to spell your full name and your date of birth.

You should also know your National ID number for local flights and your passport number for international flights.

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Requirements for Online Flight Ticket Booking in Nigeria

Here are the basic requirements you will need when you decide to book a flight online:

  • Passenger’s details: An international passport for international flights and other means of identification for local flights.
  • Your debit card (ATM card).
  • Active email address and phone number.
  • Basic information about the destinations you will fly to and more details about your trip.

Other details you need for fast booking online:

  • Trip details: This includes dates, flight type (one-way or return), airport flying to, numbers of passengers, etc.
  • They need your personal information to check you in for your flight. You need to provide this information before boarding the plane.
  • ID number (for local flights) or Passport number (for local flights).

How to Book a Domestic Flight Ticket Online in Nigeria?

Domestic flight or local flight means traveling within the country you’re visiting. You must choose the state you are flying to before choosing the airport. 

In Nigeria, all you need to book a local or domestic flight ticket online is your Name, Address, Phone Number, ID number, and your money.

Also, in Nigeria, children under 16 years old require parental consent before traveling.

While boarding, all you need to board your flight is your original ID card and booking reference number. 

Equally, any recognized form of identification, such as a driver’s license, international passport, voter’s card, NYSC ID card, work ID card, etc., is required to fly domestically.

Please keep in mind that your form of identification must be valid for the days you plan to fly.

How to Book an International Flight Ticket Online In Nigeria?

Whenever traveling internationally, have your passport and other travel documents ready. You must show them when checking into the airport or border control.

Also, make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return.

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How to use 247Travels to Book Domestic Flights in Nigeria

247Travels offers services to book both domestic and international flights from Nigeria. This leads many people to use to book flights.

To use the platform to book your flights online, you need to create an account. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be asked to enter your information. This includes your email address, phone number, and billing address.

After you complete this step, you’ll be given the option to select your preferred method of payment. For example, you could choose to pay via Visa or MasterCard.

If you’re using your debit card, you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN code. When you’re done making payments, you’ll be taken back to the main page. From here, you can continue shopping for other items, such as hotels, car rentals, and cruises.

In the most convenient way, you can pay for your flights online using our services available on the platform.

You can also pay for your flights using Airtel, a popular payment method in Africa.

With this seamless method above, one can tell that 247Travels is one of the best flight booking sites for Nigerians. You can book flights within Nigeria with us (247Travels).

Use the search bar to find your destination. Simply enter your destination and date range, and browse our selection of flights to choose the right route for you.

247traves lets you arrange safe to travel by providing real-time schedule and fare information. They will ask you for your credit card to secure your online ticketing. Choose your currency, then pay for your tickets.

You’ll also get great deals on airfare, plus access to exclusive offers and rewards. You should get an email with your ticket information.

Paying for your Flight Ticket in Nigeria

There are various ways to pay for your flight. You can pay by online credit/debit card, bank transfer, or cash at a travel agency like, or POS (point of sale).

When paying by online credit/debit card, you will need to give the name on the card, the card number, and the three-digit CVV code that’s at the back of the credit card, as well as its expiry date.

You can also go to any Travelstart agency like to make payments for your flight tickets.

How to book a flight ticket for someone else

Booking flights for others is pretty easy. You’ll need their name, address, phone number, and email address. Then you’ll choose an airline and then a date and time for when you want to fly.

Finally, you’ll send the details to their email account.

Do you need a passport when you book your flights?

No. You won’t need to enter your passport numbers when you book your flights online. You’ll need them when booking flight packages and checking in for your flight.

When applying for visas, you’ll need to fill out forms with your passport number along with providing a certified copy of it (if necessary).

Use the same spelling as in your passports when booking your flights, as some airlines don’t allow or may charge a fine for tickets issued under an incorrect spelling.

Should you print out your ticket ahead of arriving at the airport?

International airlines require passengers to show some sort of ID when checking into an airport.

Your passport or other forms of ID should be handy. In order to avoid long queues at the check-in counter, print out your electronic ticket before going to the airport.

There are quite a few international air carriers that allow passengers to simply print their own boarding passes. Passengers may also mail their boarding passes to their personal email addresses.


The first question on the minds of first-time air travelers, whether domestic or international, is how do I book a flight?

This article has made what appears to be a laborious process for folks who don’t know how to book a ticket in Nigeria simple for me.

It has offered prospective air travelers the information and instructions for booking their first journey.

It’s as simple as going online and searching for the cheapest flights available. After booking, you can collect your tickets from any airline office.

So, have you found this article to be informative? Let us know what you think in the comments box below, and please like and share our post.


How do I book my flight?

To book a flight successfully in Nigeria, you need to follow these 8 important steps:
Locate an air carrier website or a flight booking site
Enter departure and arrival cities
Select travel dates
Browse flight options and select your ideal flight Insert (correct) passenger details
Select any additional add-ons like insurance or extra baggage
Confirm your preferred payment method
Receive your e-ticket straight to your inbox.

How to book a flight ticket in Nigeria?

The booking options are the air carrier website or a flight booking site such as 247Travels. Visit this site and book your flight without hitches.

How do I know which airlines are the best in Nigeria?

Some flight booking websites include 247Travels, Travelstart, Wakanow, and Travelbeta.

What are the cheapest flight booking websites?

Some flight booking websites include 247Travels, Travelstart, Wakanow, and Travelbeta.

What do I need when I book a flight to Nigeria?

As you’re learning how to book a flight in Nigeria, you should know that to successfully book a flight online, they only expect that you provide some details which will help make your booking easier and organized. These details may include travel and return date.

Should I book my flight tickets on the day of intended travel?

It is important to note that it is not mandatory to book flights on the day of intended travel.


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