The National Museum of Nigeria stands as a custodian of the country’s cultural heritage, preserving the rich tales of the past. As you step into its hallowed halls, ancient Nok terracotta sculptures whisper tales of Nigeria’s past from the earliest civilizations, and the Benin bronzes dazzled with intricate craftsmanship, transport you to the flourishing days of the Benin Kingdom, where art was not just decoration but a cultural language.

It is a dynamic hub, offering more than just static exhibits. From contemporary art displays to analyzing specific historical periods, there is always something new to uncover. It is an engaging exploration through centuries of history and art, waiting for you to unravel its secrets.



Experience the fusion of tradition and modernity at the Nike Art Gallery, where contemporary Nigerian art takes center stage. Marvel at diverse artifacts, from vivid paintings, to inspiring sculptures and intricate beadwork featuring over 7,000 pieces! The gallery is a big collection of art from many artists, showing off Nigeria’s talents and giving us a peek into all the different cultures through art. Beyond the exhibits, the gallery also cares about getting the community involved and letting artists express themselves. It is a special place on our journey into culture!



Let’s groove into the Kalakuta Museum, closely connected to the legendary Fela Kuti and the Afrobeat movement. The artifacts that tells a story about Fela’s life, activism, and musical legacy. It allows you engage with interactive exhibits that invite you to feel the heartbeat of Afrobeat and appreciate the impact of a cultural revolution that went beyond music, influencing art, politics, and identity.


These cultural gems are more than repositories of artifacts, they are living narratives that connect the past, present, and future. Plan your visit, absorb the history, and become part of the ongoing story that is Lagos.

  1. Your exploration of Lagos arts and museums is such a captivating journey. Thank you for enlightening me about the abundance of creativity that Lagos has to offer.

  2. This blog on museums and artifacts is a captivating exploration of cultural treasures. And the writer’s adept storytelling brings the significance of each piece to life, creating an enriching experience for readers. Cultural heritage will make me plan my visit to any of these places soonest ☺️. Keep enlightening us with your insightful narratives.

  3. I love how straightforward and easy to read this blog is, it has definitely made me add two of the museum to my list.

  4. Your captivating exploration of the museum seamlessly weaves together historical context and contemporary relevance, fostering a profound connection between the artifacts and the reader. This insightful blog reflects a deep appreciation for the cultural richness housed within these walls, making the museum experience come alive with every word.
    I truly appreciate this amazing piece 🙏.

  5. I took a trip to national museum and I can say it really a beautiful place. The way culture is never forgotten. The beautiful art there is amazing…
    Kalakuta is next after viewing this post😍
    What an amazing write up it is❤️

  6. Arts is a Beauty on its own. For an Art work to send a message, it goes beyond beauty. These things are Rare !

  7. I do not live in Lagos but the way you have beautifully described these museums captures heritage and I would definitely be visiting them all during my time in Lagos sometime this year.
    Thank you!

  8. Wow! This definitely gave afresh perspective on how we should see art and our history. I’ve already added them to my adventure list. The piece was thrilling to read. I’m definitely checking out more posts🤭

  9. Your detailed insights into Lagos museums are compelling! The vivid descriptions and historical context make the exhibits come alive through your writing.

  10. I love the fact that most of this museum are based on African history and heritage it’s high time we expose the world to our arts and exhibits.

  11. Been to Nike Art Gallery….What a great place to be with wonderful art works some of which tells historical stories. Well done! ☺️

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