Beach Discovery in Lagos

Lagos, a vibrant coastal city in Nigeria, is renowned for its beautiful beaches that provide the perfect escape from the bustling urban life. For both Lagosians and tourists seeking a slice of paradise, the city’s beaches offer an idyllic setting to unwind, soak up the sun, and rejuvenate by the ocean.
  • Tarkwa Bay Beach:

 Tarkwa Bay, a well-guarded secret accessible by a short boat ride from Victoria Island, unveils a hidden gem with pristine sands and tranquil waters. A day trip here is a venture into a water sports wonderland—try jet-skiing or catch some waves while surfing, making this beach a favorite among adventure seekers. As the sun sets, the bay transforms into a magical paradise, offering the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and serene beach experience.

  • Elegushi Beach:

Elegushi Beach, a beloved spot for Lagosians, comes alive with a vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking sunset views. As daylight fades, the beach transforms into a playground of beach bars and clubs, ensuring a lively nightlife experience right by the shore. Dance to the rhythm of the waves, sip on tropical cocktails and embrace the contagious energy that Elegushi Beach radiates.

  • Oniru Beach:

Oniru Beach, nestled in Victoria Island, offers a well-maintained shoreline perfect for family outings, picnics, and romantic strolls. The beach offers more than just sun and sand—indulge in thrilling beach soccer matches, volleyball tournaments, and exhilarating horseback rides along the coast. With every step, you’ll find a delightful surprise, making Oniru Beach a haven for beach enthusiasts.

  • Eleko Beach:

Escape to Eleko Beach, where the lullaby of the waves blends harmoniously with the rustling of coconut trees. Located along the stunning Lekki Peninsula, this beach is celebrated for its pristine environment and tranquility. As the ocean whispers its secrets, enjoy peaceful beach picnics or immerse yourself in a good book under the shade of swaying palms—Eleko Beach is a sanctuary of serenity.

  • Lekki Beach:

Lekki Beach, a magnet for locals and tourists alike, beckons with its vast sandy stretches and captivating ocean vistas. Adventure seekers will find their paradise here—join in beach sports, gallop through the sands on horseback, or simply lie back and soak up the tranquil ambiance. With every crashing wave, Lekki Beach invites you to unwind and relish the beauty of Lagos’ coastline.

  • Coconut Beach:

In the heart of Badagry lies the enchanting Coconut Beach, where golden sands meet the shade of swaying coconut trees. Take leisurely walks, bask in the warm sun, and capture breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. As the gentle sea breeze whispers tales of far-off lands, Coconut Beach offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation and a tranquil escape from the city’s frenzy.

  • Alpha:

Alpha Beach, a hidden gem along the coast, invites you into a world of peace and beauty. As the sun dips below the horizon, the beach becomes a canvas of warm hues, setting the stage for a romantic evening stroll. Capture the magic through your lens, savor the solitude, and let the waves serenade you—a captivating and intimate beach experience awaits at Alpha Beach.

  • Kuramo:

Kuramo Beach, a lively destination on Victoria Island, offers more than just sun and sand. As the day transitions to night, the beach transforms into a pulsating hub of nightlife. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of beach bars and clubs, dance to the music, and let the ocean waves keep the beat. Kuramo Beach is where relaxation meets entertainment, promising an unforgettable beachfront fiesta.


Lagos, a city that never sleeps, surprises its visitors with a coastal beauty that enchants the soul. From adventure-filled days at Tarkwa Bay to tranquil evenings at Alpha Beach, each sandy shore has a story to tell. Discover the magic of Lagos’ beaches, where relaxation and excitement dance to the rhythm of the waves. Your Lagos beach adventure awaits—immerse yourself in the sun, sea, and sand.

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