Friendly Resorts for a Blissful Holiday in Asia

Asia, a continent of diversity and beauty, offers a plethora of travel experiences for every kind of wanderer. Contrary to the perception of Asia being expensive, there are many hidden gems that provide affordable luxury. In this guide, we’ll explore ten of the best budget-friendly resorts in Asia, promising a remarkable holiday without draining your pockets. From the pristine beaches of Thailand to the serene landscapes of Vietnam, Asia is brimming with affordable options for the discerning traveler.

Bai Tram Hideout, Phu Yen, Vietnam:

Bai Tram Hideout in Vietnam offers a secluded and affordable escape. Nestled between the mountains and the sea, it provides a serene retreat with wooden bungalows and stunning views, making it perfect for those seeking a tranquil Asian getaway.

Bai Tram Hideout invites you to unwind in nature’s embrace, explore the Vietnamese countryside, and enjoy the authenticity of local culture—all without overspending.


Selina Hostels & Resorts, Various Locations:

Selina is a chain of hostels and resorts spread across Asia (and other continents) that offer budget-friendly stays without compromising on quality. From beachfront locations to urban escapes, Selina provides a range of options for the budget-conscious traveler.

Selina’s hostels and resorts beckon you to discover Asia’s diverse beauty, connect with fellow travelers, and enjoy a comfortable stay within your travel budget.


Nacpan Beach Glamping, Palawan, Philippines:

Nacpan Beach Glamping in the Philippines offers a unique and affordable glamping experience. With luxury tents just steps away from the famous Nacpan Beach, it’s an ideal choice for those looking for a blend of nature and comfort.


Nook-Dee Boutique Resort by Andacura, Phuket, Thailand:

Nook-Dee Boutique Resort in Phuket is an affordable, yet luxurious resort perched on a hill. With modern rooms, a rooftop pool, and panoramic views of Patong Bay, it offers a memorable stay in one of Thailand’s popular destinations.

Nook-Dee Boutique Resort promises an elegant and comfortable stay, where you can explore Phuket’s vibrant nightlife, relax by the pool, and relish Thai hospitality—all within your budget.


Bamboo House, Gili Air, Indonesia:

Bamboo House in Gili Air, Indonesia, provides a unique and budget-friendly accommodation experience. With bamboo-built rooms, an eco-friendly approach, and proximity to the beach, it’s perfect for eco-conscious travelers seeking an affordable Asian escape.


The Calm Resort & Spa, Pasikuda, Sri Lanka:

The Calm Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka offers affordable luxury on the east coast. With spacious rooms, a beautiful beachfront, and a range of amenities, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing and budget-friendly Sri Lankan retreat.

The Calm Resort & Spa promises a peaceful escape by the Indian Ocean, opportunities to explore Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage, and moments of relaxation, all without breaking the bank.


Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort & Spa, Hoi An, Vietnam:

Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort & Spa in Vietnam offers a blend of affordability and luxury. With a range of room options, a beautiful pool, and a short distance from Hoi An’s old town, it’s perfect for those looking for value without compromise.


Amari Havodda Maldives:

Amari Havodda in the Maldives is an affordable option for experiencing the stunning beauty of the Maldives without the hefty price tag. With overwater and beachfront villas, it promises a tropical paradise at a more reasonable cost.

Amari Havodda welcomes you to explore the Maldives’ crystal-clear waters, relax on pristine beaches, and live the overwater villa dream, all within a budget-friendly package.


Ratnodweep Resort, Sreemangal, Bangladesh:

Ratnodweep Resort in Sreemangal, Bangladesh, offers a peaceful and budget-friendly stay surrounded by tea gardens. With comfortable cottages, a serene ambiance, and proximity to nature, it’s perfect for those seeking an offbeat Asian experience.

Ratnodweep Resort invites you to escape into the heart of tea country, explore Sreemangal’s lush landscapes, and enjoy a tranquil stay without exceeding your budget.


Karma Beach, Gili Meno, Indonesia:

Karma Beach in Gili Meno, Indonesia, provides a beachfront retreat on a budget. With charming bungalows, direct beach access, and a relaxed island vibe, it’s perfect for those seeking a simple and affordable tropical escape.

Karma Beach beckons you to embrace the simplicity of island life, relax on powdery white sands, and discover the beauty of Gili Meno—all without breaking the bank.


Asia, a continent known for its diverse landscapes and rich cultures, offers a wide range of affordable resorts for the budget-conscious traveler. These resorts provide an opportunity to experience luxury and comfort without overspending, ensuring a memorable holiday without straining your wallet. Whether you’re seeking a beachfront retreat, an eco-friendly stay, or a serene hillside escape, Asia has the perfect budget-friendly resort for you. Pack your bags, set your budget, and embark on a remarkable Asian holiday at one of these incredible resorts.

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