How to Book Air Peace Flight | 2022 Guide

How to Book Air Peace Flight

Wondering the right and easy way to book an Air Peace flight in Nigeria? 247travels will lead you through that process till you arrive at your destination.

Basically, Air Peace is a private airline based out of Nigeria. It offers flights across the country. Its fleet size is 23, covering 17 destinations serving major Nigerian cities and West Africa.

Traveling classes offered by Air Peace include Economy, Business, First, and Executive. Baggage allowance includes carry-on luggage weighing up to 6kgs, and checked bags weighing up to 20kgs per person.

Meanwhile, domestic flight check-ins can be done up to four hours before the scheduled departure time. And parents can also bring their children along when flying internationally.

So, if you’re in search of how to book an Air Peace flight, this article will break it all down for you. 

Find information on Air Peace flights, airline reservations, flight status, web check-in, itinerary, and baggage rules are all available. You can do so at the top of this page. Simply enter your preferred travel dates and we will search for the best ticket prices.

About Air Peace

Peace Advantage

The Peace Advantage loyalty reward program is their way of showing our gratitude to our loyal customers, who choose to fly with us every time.

Their Vision

To be reliable at creating seamless connections and networking options for our domestic, local, and global markets.

Their Mission

To expand its operations both domestically and internationally as the largest and most lucrative airline company to achieve safe and efficient short and long-haul flights.

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Why Use Air Peace to Travel?

They commit to total quality management in which they perform every function in the airline and support organization and are audited to ensure stringent compliance with Nigerian aviation regulations. CARs).

The airline is based in Lagos, Nigeria, and operates domestic flights within Nigeria, but also offers some international services to other parts of Africa.

There are several popular domestic routes, including Lagos to Kano, Lagos to Benin, and Lagos to Abuja. Some of its international services connect to cities like Sharjah (UAE), Johannesburg (South Africa), and Accra (Ghana). 

Air Peace aims to expand its route network by flying to more destinations within Nigeria and major cities internationally. The airline has stated its intentions to create more jobs for Nigerians by connecting them to the rest of the world.

Please note that the airline’s subsidiary, Air Peace Hopper, operates some shorter regional flight routes.

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How Does Air Peace Work?

Air Peace is a Nigerian private air carrier that provides passenger and charter flights. It operates domestic routes and international ones.

Economy class cabins have comfortable seats and great service. It also allows carry-on luggage weighing up to International 6 kgs and checked bags weighing up to 20 kgs.

Domestic flights allow passengers to check-in 24 hours to four hours prior to the scheduled departure flights – Passengers can check in 24 hours to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Wheelchairs and airport support during check-in are available by ground staff. Passengers can select a service that best suits them. Expectant mothers, mothers of unaccompanied children, differently-abled people can directly contact customer care.

Passengers can cancel their bookings either through the Air Peace sales office or via email. They subject all cancellations to a cancellation fee.

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Different Flight Ticket

Economy Business

Domestic Flight: 1 piece weighing 6kg max and 45x33x20 cm in dimensions 1 piece weighing 10kg max and 45x33x20 cm in dimensions

Regional Flight:1 piece weighing 6kg max and 45x33x20 cm in dimensions 1 piece weighing 10kg max and 45x33x20 cm in dimensions

International Flight:  1 piece weighing 7kg max and 45x33x20 cm in dimensions 1 piece weighing 14kg max and 45x33x20 cm in dimensions

In addition, on all flights, passengers can also carry one small hand, laptop, or purse besides their carry-on allowance.

Economy Class passengers are entitled to 20kg of checked baggage on domestic flights, 30kg on regional flights, and 23kg (per bag, two bags allowed) on international flights.

Business Class passengers are entitled to 40kg of checked baggage on domestic and regional flights, and 32kg (per bag, two bags allowed) on international flights.

Economy Business Excess Fees

  • Domestic 20kg 40kg $1.38 per kilogram
  • Regional 30kg 40kg $3 per kilogram
  • International 23kg (two pieces allowed) 32kg (two pieces allowed) $100 per bag

Infants: Infants pay 10% of the adult’s ticket and have a maximum checked baggage allowance of 10kg on all flights, no matter which class they’re flying in. This can be checked or carry-on.

The airline offers two cabin classes: Economy and Business

Economy Class

Economy Class provides passengers with comfort and convenience at a great price. Passengers enjoy spacious seating, adjustable lighting, and folding trays. In-flight magazines are available for entertainment.

On long flights, seats are arranged in a 1×2, 2×2, or 3×3 configuration. Premium economy class is a lot more like their first-class than business class. It features reclining seats, cushions, and pillows. There are more meals available.

How to Book Air Peace Flights Online

Looking for the best way to book a flight on Air Peace? Search and buy air peace flights with 247travels, make a booking, and find some amazing deals about air peace.

247travels is a travel agency where you can quickly and easily book your Air Peace flight – simply use the search bar above to search and book flights on over 600 airlines, including Air Peace.

247tavels is an accredited Nigeria-based travel agent. If you have questions during the booking process, you can contact the customer service team.

When you book Air Peace flights through 247travels, you can choose to pay using any of the 160 currencies that we offer, whether that’s US Dollars, Euros, or Nigerian Naira. We also offer over 40 payment options, including Airtel, which is a popular payment method in Nigeria.

Air Peace flies to major cities of Nigeria, several West African destinations, and the Middle East, within countries including the Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and the United Arab Emirates.

Overall, as of 2022, the airline has over 20 destinations within its route network, although some of these are temporarily suspended.

How to Make an Air Peace Booking Online

Booking air travel is easy! You can book both one-way and round-trip flights. You can also select the cheapest tickets available.

Simply enter your departure city, destination city, departure date, return date, and several passengers.

Next, select the type of flight (one-way or round trip) and then the price range. Finally, choose the cheapest flight that fits your needs.

How to Find the Best Flight Deals with Air Peace

Want to save some money on airfare? Try Air Peace! Here are some tips on how to find cheap prices.

Simply press the ‘search’ button. We’ve compared every online travel agency and flight operator so you can get the best deal on Air Peace tickets.

To get the best Air Peace pricing, change your dates. Use 247travels feature to find the cheapest month and even a day to fly with Air Peace if your departure dates are flexible.

Establish a Price Alert. We’ll alert you when the price of your preferred Air Peace flight changes, so you can book when the price is perfect.


What is Air Peace?

Search and Buy Air Peace Flights with 247travels Make a Booking and Find Some Amazing Deals About Air Peace Air Peace is a Nigerian airline that offers both scheduled passenger and charter flights across Nigeria and beyond.

What are the domestic routes operated by Air Peace Airlines?

Popular domestic routes include Lagos to Kano Lagos to Benin City Lagos to Abuja, while some of its international services connect Lagos to cities like Sharjah, Johannesburg, and Accra, among others.

How do I check-in for my Air Peace flight?

Online check-in can be completed by visiting the Air Peace online check-in page and clicking on the ‘Online Check-in’ tab.

What is the best time to check-in to Air Peace Flight?

Airport check-in times are as follows: Regional flights: open 2 hours before and close 30 minutes after scheduled departure.

Is Air Peace part of an airline alliance?

The airline is not part of an airline alliance.

What are the benefits of Air Peace?

One of the major ideas behind setting up Air Peace is to create massive employment opportunities for Nigerians, thereby contributing to the well-being of our people.

Is Air Peace a good airline?

Won the Best Domestic Airline of the Year.

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